Did Someone Say Nachos?

…Obviously not *more* than I love nachos. But “as much as” is pretty darn serious. Graphic care of NachosNY.com

I think we all agree that no summer gathering is complete without guacamole. Or perhaps guac is what distinguishes an ”average” spread from a truly delectable one. And since there are few things that this Tex-Mex-loving girl fixates on more than chips and something to dip the crispy goodness into, it took me absolutely zero time to answer a friend’s email that started with: Do you want to go to GuacRock?

I had no clue what guac would be a rockin’, but since the invite mentioned a boat, a NY river & live music, I–uncharacteristically–committed to a night out in an instant.

So last night I boarded the Jewel with two friends and set sail down the East River with who I imagine to be extras from Girls. (Something about the blend of youthful excitement for a dance floor on a Monday night + ennui + hipster fashion choices led me to believe this.) Beer, mashed avocados & taco tasting ensued.

So who organizes such a celebration of all things guactacular? Well, NachosNY, por supuesto.

Founders Lee & Rachel <heart> nachos, and I <heart> anyone whose passion leads them on a mutli-year, city-wide trek to discover and review the best patters of corn chips doused with cheese, jalepenos and beans…and salsa…and sometimes chicken…or ground beef, if that’s your thing. Or fajita steak, if you’re all fancy-schmantzy…

Want to know where to go for nachos (in the 3 most hipster-friendly boroughs)? Take a peek at NachosNY’s reviews.

Oh, by the way: El Poblano Farm was on hand to showcase their own take on guac; a salsa verde-esque rendition of  avocado goodness with epazote- a smoky alternative to cilantro. Mmmmm, ole. Check them out and support their kickstarter campaign here.

Let’s be honest: Yep, this pretty much sums it up; “Everything you wanted to know about nachos but were afraid to ask”… (click on image for full view)

Care of NachosNY.com

Accessorize: …con avocados, si? Tats, totes & shirts, all available on shop.nachosny.com

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