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At long last Michael Voltaggio (of Top Chef Season 6 fame), has opened his own restaurant called Ink in the high-end Melrose shopping district of Los Angeles. For those– like me — who are too impatient to wait for a table at this popular new spot, Voltaggio has wisely opened a mini sandwich shop a couple doors down called Ink.Sack.

Ink Sack’s Cold Fried Chicken house-made sandwich with ranch cheese and Gindo’s Spice of Life were hands down the winner of our sandwich face-off.  Tiny but tasty; you’ll want to grab two.



The Jose Andres— aka “The Spanish Godfather” — included loads of serrano, chorizo, lomo and manchego…

 …but still couldn’t beat out the similar, better known Godmother sandwich at Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica.


The side dish highlight here is pineapple chile y lemon, a compressed fruit salad packaged in a plastic pouch a la astronaut food, except incredibly fresh.  If you want something more traditional to pair with your sandwich(es) try the Maryland Crab Chips which are kettle chips generously seasoned with flavors reminiscent of Old Bay, but for a more sophisticated palate.  Definitely also grab a Gooey Chocolate Coffee Hazelnut cookie to take the heat and acidity off the roof of your mouth.

Or perhaps just let it linger…

8360 Melrose Ave (@ Kings Road)
Ste 107
Los Angeles, CA 90069


Oh, By the Way: Any place that gives away free cookies when they’re closing wins extra points with me.  And they even personalize your sack of food for an easy grab-n-go. How thoughtful!


Let’s Be Honest: Not everyone can get to Ink Sack, so set those DVRs and get your Top Chef talent fix with Top Chef Season 9.  This newest season is based in Texas, a state close to the hearts of Girl Around Town’s Mary and Leigh.  Meet the new contenders tonight!


Accessorize: Be warned; there’s no seating at Ink Sack, so you may need to stand at one of the two tables outside. If you feel a chill in the afternoon LA air, pop over to the Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique on the corner and grab these new items for fall:


Marc by Marc Jacobs Koko Sweater Turtle Neck Pullover


Marc by Marc Jacobs Slim Slouchy Bergen Wash Jeans


…Add some Top Chef-approved bling with the Nav Cluster Ring from Padam Lakshmi’s jewelry line available at Neiman Marcus


About Diana Horwich Diller:I’m trying to live a big life, made up of wonderful little things.” See more of her wonderful little things on her blog, This Is Me, and @DHorwich22

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