Giddy-up, Cowgirl




Welcome to the most magical place on earth.

Not Disneyland.  Not Cirque de Solei’s newest work of performance art.

No, I’m talking about the Cowgirl Seahorse.


This hidden gem of the Financial District (why, oh, why do I give away all the secrets?), it is transporting portal to a different pace of life.

Fairy dust is in abundance at what could easily be a benign, non-specific restaurant by the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge.  But rather than some pub with faux Irish memorabilia, instead, marlins are used as decor, chandeliers are occasionally draped with feathers dyed in primary colors and mermaids and seahorses are revered–in many framed pictures- as 1st class citizens.

Hey, what are you looking at?


The menu leans towards a Tex-Mex variety; the juke box, towards 1970’s faves.  Allegedly there is free, live music but I’ve yet to see any on my trips to the saloon.

And I do mean trips.  The Cowgirl Seahorse ranks up there as as the trippiest place to grab a beer.  Not just because there’s a theme of wackiness. What’s craziest of all is that the staff doesn’t play into a theme at all.  Because, like in Oz, the inhabitants don’t necessarily realize that the outside world isn’t also in vibrant Technicolor.

To them, the horse of a different color is just how things are.


You may be curious if the Seahorse has anything to do with another trippy outpost further uptown in the West Village, Cowgirl.

Yes.  They are wonderful, crazy sisters saloons.

Cowgirl Seahorse
259 Front St
New York, NY 10038-1716
(212) 608-7873


Let’s Be Honest: Taco Tuesdays? You have my heart, Cowgirl Seahorse.

Oh, By the Way: If you need more reason to stop on by, FiDi dweller and Gossip Girl uber-hunk, Chace Crawford, has been spotted at the Sea-Horse with a plate of tacos.  Yum… on both accounts.


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