Chance Encounters (and Drinks to Follow)

As New Yorkers, hustling like little ants in vain efforts to Go! Be! Do! Win! Play! Rest! Now!Now!NOW!, we burrow through a modern day ant farm, plowing diligently (as little ants are apt to do), through our city’s subway system. And rarely– in all of this going, being, rushing– can our thoughts wander to hitting on a fellow ant.

Because our thoughts are on making the train, or the meeting for which we’re running late.
Or on, “Hey, WTF, that asshole just totally bumped me.”

But it’s when you least expect it…
“I saw you walk by and had to stop you. I like your strut.”

Ok, now you have my attention. Any man who stops me to tell me that I have swagger in my step is: A) correct, B) bolder than 99% of the men I encounter and C) holding my attention for at least five minutes.

So if (and when) you’re approached by a stranger who intrigues you just enough to let your connecting train pass in favor of creating a connection over a cocktail, where shall you steal away for this moment?
The florescence of our MTA vestibules simply will not do.

In Grand Central: The most picturesque location for such encounters. And the adjoining Campbell Apartment– with it’s dim lighting and wood paneling– not only wreaks of old CT money but whispers of what might transpire if you were to be so bold as to put your hand on his leg….

The Campbell Apartment

@ Grand Central Terminal
89 East 42nd Street, enter from Vanderbilt Avenue
(212) 953-0409 ‎

When connecting beneath Times Square:
There are no romantic photo opps here, so if you do spy a stranger, note that the their attractive mien (and yours) will sallow quickly under those lights.
Abscond to the Lambs Club around the corner on 44th for a pricey cocktail, well worth knowing the answer to ‘what if…?”

Lambs Club
130 West 44th Street
B/w 6th & 7th Ave
(212) 997-5262

Oh By The Way:
If, heaven forbid, in Penn Station:

…take the train one stop uptown to Times Square and go to Lamb’s Club.

Let’s Be Honest: Chance encounters are why being single is fun, don’t miss the opportunity when it brushes past you.

Accessorize: Yours from MTA for the new, improved and increased price of $104 a month.

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The Lambs Club on Urbanspoon

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