If someone told me I couldn’t eat pizza, sandwiches, bagels or drink beer, I’d cry. And then punch them.

And if were a gluten allergy, not just my muffin top, keeping me from my favorite wheat-based products, I would find it all the more frustrating. To become the pariah of the dinner party, and all.

Cutting out gluten isn’t particularly fun or easy but those with Celiac Disease have to deal with dodging the gluten bullet daily. Not to menion the eye rolls of those of us annoyed at planning around something as pervasive as the omnipresent bread basket.

Thankfully NYC offers a moderate variety of gluten-free restaurants, so support a (socially) marginalized friend and agree to grab a meal at one of these gluten-free (and legitimately good) restaurants.

West Village
270 Bleeker Street

My take- Eh, fine. Good breadsticks.

Bistango Restaurant
Murray Hill
415 3rd Ave

The nicest of the group. My full-gluten corn and marscapone ravioli with truffle butter sauce was great but the cheese tortellini with shredded meat ragu of my Celiac-suffering fried was to die. Tres decadent.

Lower East Side
198 Allen Street

My favorite of the bunch. Dark, intimate setting. Wood-burning stove and pizza made in an open kitchen.

Oh, By the Way: All of these restaurants serve great desserts and alcohol, so stop your whining.

Let’s Be Honest: Gluten-free doesn’t have to be flavor-free.
And I mean, come on, we already put up with made-up food issues of our friends. (I’m pointing the finger at you, non-red meat-eaters. Really? Chicken is ok? Whatever).

Accessorize: The images below are porn for Celiac sufferers.
Yes, you can indulge in the forbidden, with no repercussions…

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Risotteria on Urbanspoon

Bistango Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Pala on Urbanspoon

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