It’s a Man’s World

…but it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl.

Welcome to Warren 77, a dark, sophisticated temple to the masculine arts of sports hero worship and alcoholic imbibition. Choosing to pray at the altar of non-metrosexual manliness, patrons do not come in search of a Yankees game, they are here for a whiskey with a floater of testosterone. Amid the black leather booths, framed black and whites of John McEnroe, Joe Namath and, my all-time fave, Muhammad Ali look on while a Jock Rock-esque soundtrack encourages you to yes, have another bourbon, scotch, Guinness or, hell, all of the above.

Oh By The Way: Walking by previously on an early evening and noting the couples sitting by their open windows I’d thought 77 to be a Cougar bar. Not that that’s a bad thing (I may be one some day, so obviously I took note), but I think it’s just where smart ladies can show off a cool factor to their (younger) dates. So really, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s Be Honest: Warren 77 gets a little douche-y/young/Jersey later in the evening but so far I don’t hold that against it.

Warren 77
77 Warren Street
b/w Greenwich and West Broadway
Warren 77 on Urbanspoon

Accessorize: If your woman or girl ain’t letting you out, recreate a little of the magic at home. Available at, and at a fine liquor store near you.

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